Monday, October 27, 2008

Comeback Kids

How riveting were the finishes to both Ranger games this weekend??? 1-0 deficit to Columbus on Friday and a 2-0 deficit on Saturday against Pittsburgh. For anyone who doubts the excitement or passion of this sport, show them the finish to Saturday's game. If they're not convinced otherwise, check for a pulse, or a brain for that matter. Some quick hits...

- Nikolai Zherdev is quickly becoming my favorite Ranger(Drury and Dubinsky get honorable mention) . He is off to a good start on Broadway (3g, 5A) and absolutely took it to his former Blue Jacket team on Friday. Plus, made the Garden erupt with his tying goal with less than 8 seconds to go on Saturday. I hope these past 2 games act as a springboard for him to move forward and play exceptional.

- So much for the lines staying intact. In my last post, I said let's give some time for the lines to gel. Scratch that idea says Tom Renney. Gomez with Callahan and Gomez is good together, but to me, it seems like a waste of Gomez' superior talents. Drury between Naslund and whomever isn't clicking right now. Dubinsky-Voros-Zherdev have somewhat cooled from their white hot start. The SOB line (good name?) Sjostrom-Betts-Orr might be the best 4th line in hockey this year. Moving foward, don't be surprised if Tom Renney sticks with these lines...


The 1st line played in pre-season, and, besides from lookin a bit too fancy, seemd to have some chemistry. The 2nd lines was the 3rd line last year, and, on most nights, was the rangers most effecitve line. The 3rd line has been together the past 2 games and have been getting pucks deep and to the net (What more could Renney ask for?!). The 4th line stays intact.

- Watch out for the Islanders tonight. This is the perverbial "trap-game" in every sense of the word. The Islanders might not be as talented as the Blueshirts, but they'll work their butts off. They always play up the the level of the Rangers and relish beating them.

Until next time...


Friday, October 17, 2008

Back away from the ledge....

I apologize for being away for nearly 3 weeks again. The Rangers fantastic start just had me so enamored I completely lost touch with everything around me! If after reading that you'd like to stone me publicly, good, it was meant to be dripped with sarcasm. Some quick hits:

- Please let's not trash the Rangers and start pounding the panic button like a piece of chicken you're about to cook. Renney will not be fired. Gomez won't be traded. Malik is the answer! They're allowed to lose and, frankly, it's a good thing they did. It exposed what they were doing wrong during their hot start. Now, they can re-evaluate what to do to move forward and play better. Having said that, you'd rather them lose to a team that thoroughly beat them not the Rangers beating themselves. Plenty of hockey left...

- Drury-Gomez-Naslund need more time to gel. It's to early on to start line swapping. If after the next week or 2 of games they're still under performing together THEN make the switch. Continuity and chemistry are the keys.

- Speed kills. This team has plenty of it. Once they utilize it to max potential, teams better WATCH OUT!

- Is Jagr secretly coaching this PP?? I kid, of course, but if you look at past games and see how the 1st unit isn't getting shots to the net and would rather play an expensive game of patty-cake then you understand my comment. The only way this PP will be a force this year is if they aren't predictable. Player and puck movement, shots to the nets, and crashing rebounds is the way to go.

- In continuing with my last comment, give Wade Redden some time. For years, he quaterbacked a sometimes lethal PP up in Ottowa. He will find his game and will hopefully show us why he was given $39 mil. us?

Until next time...